Self Management – Whakamana Hauora

What is Self Management?

Self management is for anyone including carer(s), who have a long term health condition(s) that may include but is not limited to pain, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, mild to moderate depression, by gaining skills in self-management, and promoting wellness through ownership of your own health and well-being.

Whakamana Hauora  is the Northland branding for promoting wellness using the “Long Term Health Conditions and/or Pain Self-Management programme”.

You will be part of a supportive group where personal goals are set and strategies put in place to achieve them.

Groups are between 10 -20 people of all ages.

It is a free 6 week course made up of  3 hour sessions, once a week, for 6 concurrent weeks .

Full benefits of the course are gain by attendance at the six sessions.

  • 2017 Pamphlet Self Management pamphlet for downloading, printing, and sharing

What will you learn?

You will learn how to manage the condition(s) so that life can be enjoyed and the things you enjoy doing can be achieved whilst finding solutions that are right for you, learning about medication, sleep, diet, exercise, setting goals and taking steps that lead to self-managing your condition.

How to apply

You can apply through your medical practice,  WINZ, ACC or you can refer yourself onto the programme  – you don’t have to wait for your doctor to refer you.

To apply email or phone the Whakamana Hauora co-ordinator: email: or phone 09 407 3581.

If you are currently part of ‘Kia Ora Vision‘ ask your doctor or nurse to refer you to the programme.


Referrals are to be sent to: email: or
fax 09 407 3571 attention Whakamana Hauora.

Provide your/client’s full name and a contact phone number, and an email address with a preferred location for attending a programme.

After registration

A facilitator will be in touch to discuss the programme further.

If you would like more information, contact the Whakamana Co-ordinator and they will provide you with all the information you need.

Available courses

Courses are planned based on a minimum number of 10 participants available to attend in one location, and with the availability of the facilitators to provide the course.

2017 Courses

**Note: these are subject to change based upon the availability of the facilitators

Location dates of course Contact details
Fire Brigade Rooms
7 Jul – 11 Aug (Fridays) inclusive
10 am – 12.30 pm
Chronic conditions self management
St Johns Hall
Kerikeri Road
17 Aug – 21 Sept (Thursdays) inclusive
9.30 am start – 1 pm finish
Baptist Church Hall
23 Aug – 27 Sept (Wednesday) inclusive
1 pm – 4 pm finish
Fire Brigade Rooms
1 Sep – 6 Oct (Friday) inclusive
10 am – 12.30 pm
Chronic conditions self management
PHO office
182 Commerce Street
6 Oct- 17 Nov (Fridays) inclusive
Chronic conditions self management
Baptist Church Hall
18 Oct – 22 Nov (Wednesday) inclusive
5.30 pm start, 8 pm finish
venue to be advised
2 Nov – 7 Dec (Thursdays) inclusive (to be confirmed)
Pain self management
Venue to be advised 13 Nov – 18 Dec (Thursdays) inclusive (to be confirmed)
Pain self management

Self Management facilitator

Would you like to be a self management facilitator?


To become a fully trained facilitator you will need to participate in the self management four day facilitator workshop, so that on completion of this workshop you will be able to assist and provide where and when required, self management (Whakamana Hauora) training together with another fully trained facilitator and/or master trainer.


As a volunteer you agree to:

  • Attend on the agreed days and times.
    – Participate fully in the four day facilitator’s workshop
    – Maintain confidentiality at all times
    – You agree will not be paid for your time for this four day workshop, however we will provide you with professional development, paid travel expenses, lunch and resources required for you to complete this course.

If you are interested call us on 09 407 3581, or email: and we can provide you with more information.

During May we completed a very successful four day facilitator workshop, and at present do not have another one planned for 2017.