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Live Stronger for Longer theme of April Falls campaign

3rd April 2018

The annual campaign raises awareness of the harm caused by falls, and what can be done to prevent them. April Falls month is promoted each year by a growing number of health care providers around the country, including district health boards, aged residential care providers, and community care providers.

How committed are food companies to health?

26th March 2018

A new study ranking the nutrition commitments of 25 of New Zealand’s largest food companies has found large variations with some companies leading the way, but many are not doing nearly enough to reduce the biggest cause of ill health in New Zealand, unhealthy diets.

Vitamin D could provide psoriasis relief

19th March 2018

New research suggests increasing vitamin D intake could reduce the symptoms of chronic inflammatory skin condition psoriasis.

Traumatic brain injury an increasingly “hidden” threat

12th March 2018

“Thirteen per cent of New Zealanders will sustain a brain injury at least once in their lifetime, and it often goes undiagnosed and untreated. It’s time we shine a light on this hidden disability and the effects it can have on society. Early intervention is critical.”

Toolkit to help parents with mental health issues

5th March 2018

A New Zealand first-of-its-kind resource toolkit for community-based services to help parents struggling with mental health problems or addictions was launched in Palmerston North yesterday.

Supporting foot health with new roles in podiatry

26th February 2018

Waitemata and Auckland DHBs are investing in podiatry by creating new positions to work with primary care to ensure earlier interventions and better outcomes for patients with foot issues and diabetes-related foot disease.

Christchurch researcher easing the pain of gout

19th February 2018

A Christchurch rheumatologist has won New Zealand’s top prize for research into how increasing dosages of gout medicines can dramatically improve patients’ lives.

Innovative procedure trial at hospital

5th February 2018

The self oesophageal dilatation procedure is offered to all laryngectomy patients who want to try it at home.

Nurture young people’s mental health earlier

30th January 2018

Half of all lifetime cases of mental disorder start before the age of 14. Psychological health needs to be nurtured in young people from an early age. This involves all the people who are significant in children’s lives such as parents, whānau, schools, and others in the community.

Prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in Southern NZ women

22nd January 2018

Otago reveals concerning prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in Southern New Zealand women.

Predator Free 2050 has major benefits for human health

15th January 2018

In New Zealand rats carry infections such as salmonella, toxoplasma, giardia, campylobacter and several others that can be spread to humans, through contact with the animals or their waste or through contaminated food and water.

Researchers find decline in obesity in NZ 4-year-olds

8th January 2018

New Zealand’s four-year-olds are resisting the tide towards rising obesity, according to research funded by A Better Start, one of the country’s national science challenges.

Nelson Marlborough Health – After Hours Health Options

18th December 2017

Nelson Marlborough Health (NMH) is urging people to choose the most appropriate healthcare option over the holiday season.
The ‘123, where should I be?’ promotional campaign aims to remind people to stop and think about the best healthcare option for their need.

Enjoy Christmas, but keep up the regular work-out activities

11th December 2017

For already active people the challenge can be maintaining the routine; the frequency can drop, but it’s important to keep up regular work outs

Consumer NZ Sunscreen Test “Misleading And Dangerous”

4th December 2017

A Consumer NZ test of kiwi sunscreen brands is misleading and dangerous, warns a Vitamin D researcher and author, because it ignores an elephant in the room – there’s growing evidence sunscreens don’t actually protect kiwis from melanoma at all.

E-cigarettes to reduce traditional smoking– no good evidence

27th November 2017

“As far as we’re aware, there is no good evidence demonstrating that using e-cigarettes will reduce the incidence of smoking normal tobacco cigarettes. However, we recognise that for some individuals who struggle to give up using current smoking cessation aids, the use of e-cigarettes may be beneficial”

#DearGrief –What would you say to grief?

20th November 2017

Grief brings with it difficult and challenging emotions, including sadness, anger, loneliness, confusion, and guilt. #DearGrief is about sharing what you would like to say to grief and the different ways we deal with grief.

Culturally Based Programmes Needed to Reduce Asthma

13th November 2017

New Zealand has the fourth highest hospital admission rates for asthma of all OECD countries with the proportion of Pasifika and Māori children admitted twice as high as European children.

First New Zealand study of pathological hoarding

6th November 2017

An estimated 35,000 New Zealanders have clinically severe hoarding behaviour, and a further 56,000 people are likely to have sub-clinical hoarding behaviours that could later develop into a diagnosable condition.

First New Zealand Online Alcohol & Drug Study Underway

30th October 2017

The research team will use a range of innovative approaches, as well as conducting a national online survey to get a better understanding of what drugs are out there, and to identify gaps in health services.

Hay fever? How to prepare your home this pollen season

26th October 2017

Limiting your exposure to pollen, particularly in your home, can really help. The majority of people affected by seasonal hay fever are allergic to dust mites, pollen or moulds.

New tent hospital boosts NZ’s disaster response

16th October 2017

We congratulate the New Zealand Medical Assistance Team on its achievements and thank them for their commitment to this quality assurance process and their future assistance to those in need after disasters and emergencies

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week!

9th October 2017

On World Mental Health Day (Tuesday 10 October), the MHF is holding a national MHAW Lockout. From 12–1pm, Kiwis will down tools and head outside for picnics, walks, beach clean-ups and social sport games.

Record numbers for Mental Health Awareness Week

2nd October 2017

The Mental Health Foundation says it’s been blown away by the support and enthusiasm for Mental Health Awareness Week around New Zealand.

NZNO Award – Services to Nursing and Midwifery 2017

25th September 2017

This year there are two recipients of the NZNO Services to Nursing and Midwifery Award. A warm congratulations to Pepe Sinclair and Dr Helen Snell.

Rarotongan communities to receive free dental care

18th September 2017

The programme will also involve teaching children about the importance of oral hygiene from a young age, as well as discussion around the implications of high plaque levels and a high sugar diet.

Predictive tool to help manage NZ’s melanoma crisis

11th September 2017

Professor Whiteman leads a team that has developed a melanoma risk prediction tool for Australian GPs that uses just eight precisely weighted primary factors to predict a person’s risk of developing a melanoma over the next three years

MHF calls for unified action to prevent suicide

29th August 2017

The MHF is determined that as a country New Zealand must start to address the drivers of poor mental health and suicide.

Kiwis Amongst the Highest Consumers of Fruit and Vegetables

21st August 2017

The latest consumer data also indicated the positive impact of social media in spreading the 5+ A Day message.

Support for Mental Health & Addiction Matters to All of Us

14th August 2017

At some stage in their lives, all New Zealanders are affected by mental health and addictions issues, either in their own lives or in the life of someone they know.

NZ Finally Increasing Best Weapon Against Drink Driving

7th August 2017

Alcohol interlocks becoming a mandatory sentence is one of the most significant blows against drink driving in New Zealand’s history, says the Automobile Association.

Otago finding new ways to beat an old and enduring enemy: TB

31st July 2017

An innovative approach in drug discovery in combating tuberculosis is being pioneered by an international research group that has Otago microbiologists as key leading members.

NZ has major fitness problem

24th July 2017

Too many of the government messages in the early 2000s focused on slogans such as walk to the bus stop when that was never the answer to the looming inactivity, diabetes and obesity issues.

NZ 2nd in the world to register KEYTRUDA – chemo combination

17th July 2017

July 14, 2017, New Zealand follows the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in being the second country worldwide…

We need to talk about sugar

11th July 2017

The public health risks associated with sugar are just as serious as smoking and should be treated as a priority by governments, doctors and medical specialists, a key meeting of anaesthetists has been told.

Low vaccination rates fuelling Auckland’s mumps outbreak

3rd July 2017

Auckland Regional Public Health Service (ARPHS) is concerned not enough young Aucklanders are immunised in the face of an unrelenting mumps outbreak.

Dry July Means More People Thinking About How They Drink

30th June 2017

Social fundraising initiatives like Dry July encourage people to think about how they drink.

Closing the border in extreme pandemics worthwhile – Study

26th June 2017

It may sometimes make sense for island nations like New Zealand to temporarily close their borders in extreme pandemic situations, a new study by Wellington researchers suggests.

Mental health of rural NZ at tipping point

12th June 2017

The health of New Zealand’s rural communities is at an all-time low, a leading mobile health expert says.

Seasonal fruit packed with natural goodness

7th June 2017

Eating fresh fruit is a natural, easy way to boost wellness during winter, says 5+ A Day.

Pure Food Co Addresses New Research on Elderly Malnutrition

29th May 2017

A new study released today by Massey University has highlighted the issue of malnutrition in the elderly.

Sleep problems focus of new study on Kiwi kids with autism

22nd May 2017

New research will look at developing effective treatments for sleep problems that affect the growing number of New Zealand children and young people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

St John welcomes Government funding boost

15th May 2017

St John welcomes today’s news that more than $100 million will be included in this year’s budget to provide double crewing of all emergency ambulance responses over the next four years.

Native fungi could hold the answer to antibiotic resistance

8th May 2017

A campaign has been launched to determine if a collection of fungi, unique to New Zealand and the Pacific, could hold the key to discovering new antibiotics.

Will Our School Children Get Home Healthy And Safe?

1st May 2017

Work Safe is promising adults to ‘get you home healthy and safe’, but little is being done for children who walk or cycle to school.

Why we need to talk to our teens about ’13 Reasons Why’

24th April 2017

It’s every parent’s absolute worst nightmare. Suicide. Which is why when I caught up with the news this week of the latest Netflix series doing the rounds with our teenagers, 13 Reasons Why, I had this instant sick feeling wash over me…

Turning Healthcare around

18th April 2017

How many times have you told your story over and over again to health professionals? Poor communication between clinicians can turn health care into a bad experience.

Nicotine e-cigs will be legal

3rd April 2017

Associate Health Minister Nicky Wagner has announced the sale of nicotine e-cigarettes and e-liquid will be legalised. Until now, vapers had to buy nicotine products from overseas.

Altogether Autism Rejects Measles Vaccine Myth

27th March 2017

THE COUNTRY’S leading provider of trusted autism information and advice has come out strongly against claims of a link between vaccinations and autism in its latest Altogether Autism journal published today.

Is a Sugar Tax the Best Solution to Obesity?

21st March 2017

Is a Sugar Tax the Best Solution to Obesity?

Increased use of sugary food and drink plays a big role in New Zealand’s high obesity rate. It also contributes to other health problems, such as type two diabetes and dental issues.

Auckland scientists seek to shed light upon endometriosis

15th March 2017

It affects at least one in ten New Zealand women, can cause severe abdominal pain and fertility problems, and costs the public health system an estimated $1 billion a year.

Exercise improves quality of life for children with autism

6th March 2017

New research has found that regular exercise improves communication behaviours among children with autism.

HEARING WEEK – Impact of hearing loss

27th February 2017

It’s never easy to put into words the miracle of sound recovered. Yet, I saw it first hand recently when my husband got hearing aids. The most poignant response was from our 11 year old granddaughter who suddenly observed at a family dinner that grandad was laughing and talking with everyone once again.

Top 6 Mistakes To Avoid for Those New to Exercise

23rd February 2017

Whether you are setting out on an exercise programme after a long break, or if exercising is completely new, you should feel proud that you are making one of the best decisions to improve your health and wellbeing.

$80,000 For Heart Kids NZ, Thanks to Bartercard Foundation

13th February 2017

The Bartercard Foundation is delighted to announce its partnership with Heart Kids NZ, the only not-for-profit organisation supporting Kiwi kids and their families who are affected by Congenital Heart Disease (CHD), right through their life.

Healthy lunch boosts productivity, research finds

7th February 2017

Warding off a mid-afternoon slump at work could be as easy as eating a healthy lunch, according to the results of a recent 5+ A Day survey.

Warning of back-to-school spike in asthma

23rd January 2017

Warning of back-to-school spike in asthma. A spike in asthma hospitalisations when children return to school has prompted a warning for parents, caregivers and schools to be prepared.

Go Low This Summer

16th January 2017

Thin, watery and tasteless – that’s what low-alcohol beer used to be. But not anymore. The Go Low Action Group is challenging misconceptions about low-alcohol beer, urging Kiwis who haven’t already, to give it a try this summer.

Making New Year’s resolutions stick

9th January 2017

New Zealand’s leading exercise industry group ExerciseNZ has today appealed to Kiwis to make increased physical activity their resolution for 2017 but it also warned that keeping resolutions isn’t easy and is offering tips on how to make them stick.

Your kids are sweet enough – hold those sugary drinks

12th December 2016

The Public Health Association of New Zealand is right behind the new Consensus Statement on sugary drinks being launched today at Brooklyn School by the New Zealand Dental Association.

New Pharmac Funded Drug to Benefit Maori

2nd December 2016

Māori will benefit from Pharmac’s decision to fund a new medicine that combats HIV, an advocate for Māori living with the life-threatening disease says.

Report calls for life-saving reforms to help smokers quit

28th November 2016

“These products offer the only real pathway to the Government’s aspiration of a Smokefree New Zealand by 2025…

Six-hour hospital target associated with fewer deaths

21st November 2016

Six-hour hospital target associated with fewer deaths in emergency departments New research shows that New Zealand’s six-hour emergency department….

Look after yourselves and each other

15th November 2016

Through the earthquakes and aftershocks, look after yourselves and each other. Now is the time to look after each other as the Hanmer earthquakes affect different people in different ways.

New Zealand is on the verge of a melanoma epidemic

15th November 2016

New Zealand is on the verge of a melanoma epidemic, experts warn. With already the highest incidence rate in the world it is predicted numbers could increase by 50% in the next two decades, particularly in older adults. Monday 14 November: Today marks the start of Melanoma Awareness Week and Melanoma New Zealand is urging … Continue reading >

Hope to beleaguered mental health services and its patients

4th November 2016

It is an unacceptable fact that people who experience serious mental illness have a much lower life expectancy than those who don’t…

Remember food safety at home during the warmer weather

2nd November 2016

MPI Media release Remember food safety at home during the warmer weather 2 November 2016 With summer fast approaching and warmer weather already here, the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) recommends a few simple steps to reduce our chances of getting sick from food prepared at home. MPI’s Public Health Medicine Specialist Dr Donald Campbell … Continue reading >

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