Go Low This Summer

16th January 2017

Thin, watery and tasteless – that’s what low-alcohol beer used to be.

But not anymore. The Go Low Action Group is challenging misconceptions about low-alcohol beer, urging Kiwis who haven’t already, to give it a try this summer.

Go Low head Bruce Robertson said it was understandable that Kiwis might still turn their noses up at low-alcohol beer (less than 3% alcohol-by-volume).

“Let’s be honest, back in the day it was pretty dreadful stuff. There’s probably still a hangover from that, when it was the butt of jokes.

“Thankfully a number of New Zealand brewers have recognised that and are producing amazing low-alcohol beers that don’t compromise on all-important taste.

“We’re encouraging people who haven’t tried a ‘new generation’ low-alcohol beer to give it a go. You’ll be very pleasantly surprised.”

Low-alcohol beers were notable winners at the Brewers Guild of New Zealand 2016 Beer Awards in October, outperforming their full-strength counterparts in two categories. DB Breweries’ Heineken Light was awarded the top award for best international lager while Croucher Brewing’s 2.5% low-alcohol Lowrider earned the Rotorua operation the trophy for best specialty beer.

As well as encouraging beer drinkers to try going low, the action group is also working with hospitality groups to promote low-alcohol options to patrons.

“Anyone hosting events throughout summer and beyond, businesses putting on staff barbeques and parties – we’d urge them to make sure they’re providing low-alcohol, as well as no-alcohol, options for people to enjoy.

“Moderation, responsibility and sociability – that’s what it’s all about,” says Robertson.

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