Support for Mental Health & Addiction Matters to All of Us

14th August 2017

At some stage in their lives, all New Zealanders are affected by mental health and addictions issues, either in their own lives or in the life of someone they know. The it matters! campaign declares that when people want and need it, support should be available for these issues. And it insists that this is an issue that should matter to every politician.

“We’re saying that it matters to all of us and we want all parties and politicians to commit their focus to the mental health and addictions system,” says Marion Blake, CEO of Platform Trust. “There have been many voices speaking out about this for a long time, but it’s time for New Zealanders to say together to our political leaders that the time is now to fix our system to support people when they need it. This has to be their priority.”

In an election year, competing issues crowd for attention and at times the importance of those issues in everyday lives can become lost. While there are an abundance of statistics and stories that together depict a support system that needs some serious work, those statistics can also distance us from the issue and make us forget that this is about someone we know – that this is personal to each of us.

The website ( provides an interactive space for political engagement on this important issue. Each political party’s mental health and addictions policy, if they have one, is included on the it matters! website and the campaign tracks the politicians who have said that it matters to them, and those that haven’t. The website also allows organisations to add their support to this issue.

“Whatever your politics, if this is something that matters to you, please add your support to let your politicians know that you want their commitment to this issue,” requests Ms Blake.

It matters is an initiative of Platform Trust, the national network of community organisations that support New Zealanders by providing a wide range of mental health and addiction services and creating a positive place for people experiencing mental health and addiction issues to live and work.

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