Kia Ora Vision

Our Role:

This is funded to general practices and supports them to provide this service

About Kia Ora Vision:

Kia Ora Vision is a programme aimed at improving the health of people with long -term health conditions including:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Lung disease
  • Depression
  • Pain

The programme provides a care team to support people in a planned and proactive way, to help them better understand & self -manage their long-term health conditions.

 About the service:

Kia Ora Vision aims to connect the care team with other social & health providers. With the Patient in the centre; this model helps them understand & self -manage their long -term conditions.

Self-management is central to Kia Ora Vision, so the care team helps create a plan that includes About Me and What Matters to Me.  The plan can be shared with whoever the Patient wants, and can include:

  • Family/whanau
  • Community services (e.g. District Nurse, Pharmacy, Physio)
  • Out Patient Clinics
  • Hospital Specialists

An essential component of care planning is goal setting. Once a goal has been identified, the Patient is assisted to plan achievable actions. In this way goals can be accomplished in small steps. Patients can access their care plan online.

Eligibility for the service:

Anyone with long term conditions should ask their doctor or nurse who will assess whether they will benefit from the programme.

How to access the service:

The service is accessed through your GP Practice – ask your General Practitioner or Practice Nurse.

Useful Links:

Kia Ora Vision is called Care Plus in the rest of NZ.