Diabetes Podiatry Service

Our Role:

Funding is provided for co-ordination of this service.

About Podiatry:

Podiatrists assess & treat people with foot problems aiming to prevent complications.  People with Diabetes have a higher risk of foot problem, so Podiatrists have an important role in prevention and treatment.

Foot problems associated with Diabetes include foot ulcers and nerve damage.  If untreated these problems can lead to amputation.

Regular foot assessments are carried out by the GP team as part of the Diabetes Annual Review and are important to ensure early recognition of foot problems.

About the service:

If referred, the first appointment with the Podiatrist will be for a further assessment & treatment.

Depending on the outcome of the Podiatrist’s assessment they may receive approval for a further 1, 2 or 3 treatments at 3 monthly intervals over the next 11 months.

Once the approved sessions have been completed Patients are referred back to their GP team for ongoing care.

Eligibility for the service:

Only people diagnosed with Diabetes and have an ‘at risk ‘or ‘high risk’ foot assessment are eligible for funded Podiatry.  The foot assessment must be part of the Diabetes Annual Review.

How to access the service:

The service is accessed through your general practice – ask your General Practitioner or Practice Nurse.

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