Immunisation Outreach Service

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Outreach Immunisation Service Nurse:
Solvej Poulsen – Ph  021 423 385 or through the PHO office  09 407 3581

To provide an immunisation service that improves health outcomes for tamariki

To address the barriers impacting protection against vaccine preventable diseases through promotion and delivery of healthcare for whanau

Childhood Immunisation

Growing up as children we are exposed to thousands of germs, some of which can potentially cause illness. Immunisation is the most effective way to actively protect children and other vulnerable people in our community from preventable diseases, ranging from whooping cough, tetanus and hepatitis B to meningitis and measles.

When a child is immunised, their body’s immune system is stimulated to protect against these diseases. It is important to understand that the risk from any of these diseases far outweighs any risk associated with vaccination.

You can read further reliable information about immunisation and vaccines :
Vaccines and Vaccination

Where to have your child immunised?

The Northland Child Health Service operating from Whangarei is working towards supporting all tamariki to be immunised and protected from preventable childhood diseases.

A child can recieve their immunisation from:

  • Your Well child provider – Plunket or Tamariki ora Nurse
  • Your Dr or Nurse
  • At home  through the support of the Outreach Immunisation Service OIS if accessing a service is difficult for you.