2019 Kai Ora Fund Projects

Far North District Projects

Te Huia Community Garden Rakena Whakaari Whānau Trust
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Extend the growing of organic vegetables on whānau land to promote healthy eating and sustain the community and involve young people in learning how to grow vegetables.

Chicken Run Oruaiti School
Build a small chicken run (6 chickens) to establish a supply of eggs for breakfast club and cooking lessons.

Nga Mokopuna A Rongomatane Takou Marae Komiti
The Takou Marae Komiti are working with Whānau,Te Rununga O Whaingaroa and community to build a garden on Takou 438 Trust land.

Te mana o te Maara Kai (Prestige of the Garden)
Work with whānau, community, young people, families and older people to grow and supply fresh produce to support healthier lifestyles. Store food and seed banks of Māori produce for whānau to continue to use into the future. Food sharing with 20 families.

Paddock supermarket Otangaroa Marae
Establish a heritage veg/fruit garden developed and maintained by and for community. Up to 8 households working in the gardens with 10 households recipient.

Packing Shed Development Far North Resilient Communities Charitable Trust
To extend the established business of growing watercress and supporting and training others including NorthTec students and community members in successfully growing watercress. To use the funding to support the next phase of the business and build a packing shed and purchase a chiller.

Improving our Goodlife Garden Good Life Projects Charitable Trust
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Provide vocational opportunities that encourage, build confidence and inspire people with intellectual disabilities through gardening and providing food for themselves and whānau.
Oranga Kai Hiwa-i-te-rangi Young Parent Unit
Work with young mothers at Northland College in establishing a garden to grow plants from seeds, plant vegetables, fruit trees, passionfruit and grape vines. Harvest the food and cook it with the students under the guidance of qualified teachers.

Waimamaku Community Garden South Hokianga Ginger Group
Develop a community organic garden working with community groups and involve the whole population of Waimamaku (500 people) and create an educational resource including Te Ao Māori perspective, focusing on the historic gardens of Te Iwi o te Roroa.

Organics Papakainga Unaiki Memorial Trust
To gain support to achieve organic certification and a self-sufficient papakainga. There are currently four families living on the land, however the long term goal is to increase the number of families and grow their own organic produce, producing their own energy (solar), building their own housing (rammed earth) and showcase and share with others via a mini-farm-tour.

Kotare Māra Kai Malcolm Services Limited
Setting up a syntrophic permaculture garden (in the Haruru Area) that will be a teaching garden (social enterprise) and provide for the wider community and food to be sold at the growers market.

Marakai Touwai Te Hurihunga te Tukunga Hauraki Whānau Trust
To grow Māori riwai and build up a seed bank to supply the community to grow their own kai. The outcome is to be sustainable with riwai and to give to others.

Maara Kai Sustainable Series Literacy Aotearoa Charitable Trust Kaitaia
The delivery of a horticulture course at Korou Kore Marae for whānau, stakeholders and surrounding community. The workshops will be part of a sustainable series, starting with horticulture and then to cooking and garden to plate sessions.

Waiora Marae and Ngataki School Maara Partnership
A joint Marae and School garden in Ngataki with 29 students and their whānau to share and extend community skills and knowledge around gardening and rongoa to create a resilient community.

Te Hapua School Maara Partnership Te Hapua School
School and Marae gardens working with expert Ivy Lanigan on a regular basis to plant vegetables and medicinal plants for students. Aim to be resilient, live in a sustainable way and share produce with whānau. To also connect with and build relationships between Kura and Marae.

Kai Konnect North NZ Conference of Seventh Day Adventist Church
To facilitate a space for Kaikohe and surrounding communities to come together to showcase, share, learn and celebrate local kai and contribute to joining up the food system across the community, public and private sector to reclaim healthy kai as the norm.

Kaipara District Based Projects

Te Toa Whenua Food Forest Te Roroa Development Charitable Trust
Develop a food forest that can be utilised by local people to grow organic, healthy kai and provide a hub that can be used for educational purposes focussed on sustainability and kaitiakitanga and produce kai that can be used by those in need and the two marae within the community.

Kai ora Pouto Waikaretu Marae
The planting of fruit trees on the marae to be used for kai, including bottling, and developing a community enterprise. To develop a rongoa area for traditional medicine and community enterprise. Create a series of how to videos “Healthy cooking with ‘Aunty'” via Zoom to be shared with wider whānau.

Whānau Maara Kai Literacy Aotearoa Charitable Trust Dargaville
A cooking and gardening programme with whānau at the Early Years Hub to promote healthy eating and sustainability.

Whangarei District based Projects

Te Hononga (The Joining) Poroti School
Resource and strengthen the Poroti community by working collaboratively to expand the school garden and orchard and set up a shade tunnel for seed propagation so there is produce available year round. The Marae will be involved in the garden and share their knowledge around planting, protocol and rongoa. Parents and the wider community are willing to be involved. The project will include a market at the school or marae where locals can bring spare produce from their gardens (and the joint garden) to swap and share with others.

Garden to table Tai Tokerau Emergency Housing Charitable Trust
To work with tenants of the trust to budget and prepare healthy, low budget, family meals from the garden. The knowledge will be taken with them when they move into permanent housing.

Fruit for Whau Valley Whau Valley School
Establish an orchard for the children to maintain and harvest fruit working with the Envirogroup and facilitator.

GrX Active Families Gardening Sport Northland
To allow Green Prescription Garden Support to be offered to interested clients. The GrX facilitator will visit families on a monthly basis for 12 months, and will provide support and encouragement for interested families wanting to try gardening.

Hua Rakau i ngā Kura Tangowahine school
Tangowahine School will add to gardens and orchards that the community has access to, with a plan to produce enough fruit for students, whānau and the school community to be healthy and teach children to grow, store and cook food and enable them to eat more fruits and vegetables.

Tamariki Hau ora Te Kohanga Reo o Mokau
To develop a garden at the Kohanga Reo with the support of neighbours and community.

The Forget Me Not Healthy Eating Project Northland Disabled Charitable Trust
Upgrade the current raised beds, expand the gardening programme and build a Pataka to share produce grown by the Forget Me Not Adult Day Centre with the Tikipunga community.

Feed the Whenua, Feed the Whānau Pakikaikutu 2C2W Trust
To establish gardens on traditional whenua at Pakikaitutu using sustainable permaculture methods. To establish a compost station to nourish the soil. To encourage whānau to be involved and contribute to this project and be reconnected in replenishing the land.

Community Garden – Feeding the Community Bream Bay Community Support Trust
To teach students how they can grow and harvest fresh and healthy food, provide food for their families and have a positive effect in the community.

Te Mahinga Kai o Te Whānau a Rangiwhakaahu Te Whānau a Rangiwhakaahu Hapu Charitable Trust
Establishing a sustainable orchard, deep litter compost systems (chickens), crop rotational kitchen garden, Kumara beds and a protective strip beside the Matapouri estuary. To also implement natural pest and disease protection.

Pataua Banana & Tropical Fruit Plantation Te Whānau O Te Hinetapu Trust
Develop a banana plantation inter-planted with other fruit trees and vegetables. Whānau to plant and maintain the gardens and the produce used to feed whānau. Surplus produce will be sold with proceeds used to expand production.

Māra Kai & Orchard Pehiāweri Mārae Pehiāweri Māori Church and Marae Inc.
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Hold workshops and document progress of Pehiaweri Māra Kai and continue the progress and maintenance of the garden.

Oranga Kura: Oranga Hapori Hikurangi Primary School
Strengthen and expand the garden at Hikurangi Primary School by installing an irrigation system, extending garden beds and building a pataka for garden produce.

Seeds of tomorrow – Purapura Mo Apopo Hora Hora Kindergarten
To develop a kai enriched landscape for children to play and grow seedlings to make sense of the environment and provide health eating options.

Rakau Maro Maara Kai Te Hau Awhiowhio o Otangarei Trust
To continue the operation and growth of the maara kai in Otangarei by planting trees and vines and purchasing tools to assist the garden and be able to help whānau build raised gardens and planters from recycled materials. To use the kai from the gardens to supplement food parcels frequently requested by the community.

WholeyHealth! Co-operative village market Healthy Hikurangi Trust
To extend the WholeyHealth Cooperative Village Market by upgrading the current food plan to allow a wider variety of products and services to enable the Hikurangi community to have access to healthy food.

Te Kākano Open Arms Day Centre
To start a seedling propagation area at Open Arms Day Centre.

Northland Urban Rural Mission Wai A Ariki Food Forest Onerahirahi

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To continue to extend and maintain the Wai A Ariki Food Forest at Onerahirahi by purchasing the necessary equipment and supplies.