Respiratory Nurse Specialist

Objective of the role

  • People with Chronic Respiratory Conditions are more effectively managed in Primary care, by GPs and Practice Nurses have update evidence-based respiratory knowledge.
  • The Respiratory Nurse Specialist is employed to:
    • Educate our nurses in General Practice so that patients can receieve the right treatment – better advice for asthma and related respiratory conditions
    • Provide Spirometry services in a mobile clinic
    • Provide up to date information

How to access services
Contact your GP or Nurse who can assist you with your education and treatment needs in this area.

A referral to the specialist nurse can be made by your GP or Nurse to :
Marilyn Dyer: 021 711 567 Phone: 09 408 3142 ext. 109 email:

Primary Health Care Service  Information


  • Reduce hospital admission rates, acute GP and Casualty visits
  • For patients to have information and services at their fingertips  so they can ‘Manage their health’ better .


  • Ensure Practice Nurse knowledge of Chronic Respiratory conditions meets competent levels of Respiratory knowledge and skills.
  • Mentoring and coaching support to practice nurses in the care of patients with Respiratory conditions.
  • Promote a Respiratory Champion/ resource for each practice.
  • Ensure a Spirometry testing service is readily available in all areas – within practices.
  • Assist in setting up Nurse-led Respiratory Clinics in the larger practices and in those remote areas with small practices – to set up a centralised Respiratory clinic.
  • Play a part in the Pulmonary Rehab Programmes
  • Organising and co-facilitating the Asthma and COPD fundamentals throughout TTTPHO- to support all practice nurses towards proficiency.
  • Promote self management of Chronic Respiratory conditions through the Whakamana Hauora Courses in Te Tai Tokerau PHO
  • Promoting and co-ordinating Spirometry Training for interested Practice Nurses.
  • Emphasis is on all Practice Nurses to have completed a 12 hr fundamentals course to the Proficient level.