Tiakina Te Kaitiaki – Caring for the Carer

Our Role:

The person co-ordinating this service is the Kaitiaki Network Facilitator.

About Tiakina te Kaitiaki:

The service provides support to Carers of loved ones with a life limiting condition – so care can be sustained at home for as long as possible.  The Kaitiaki Network Facilitator supports the Carer to stay well, & connect with community resources, enabling health & wellbeing to continue in their vital caring role.

You can download the Caring for the Carer Brochure.

About the service:

Support provided includes:

  • Face to face visit and assessment from the Kaitiaki Network Facilitator
  • Identify ‘what matters to you’
  • Discussion about needs to devise a plan to set out how needs could be met
  • Identify what support would be most helpful
  • Encourage use of networks – like whanau, social groups, voluntary services – as well as developing new networks
  • Supporting spiritual / wairua / cultural needs
  • Monitor and follow up visits
  • 1 funded GP visit for cared for person and whanau to discuss issues and plan
  • Advocacy to mobilise support

Eligibility for the service:

Anyone who is a Caregiver of a whanau/family member or friend with a life limiting condition could be eligible for this service.

How to access the service:

Referral can be made by almost anyone, including:

  • The person being cared for
  • Carers themselves
  • Whanau/family of Carers
  • Friends of Carers
  • Iwi Providers
  • Health Providers e.g. GP, District Nurse
  • Hospitals, Hospice & other community agencies
A message for the carer….

If you are caring for a loved one with a life limiting condition in the last year of life it can be an emotional and physically draining time.

Your caring role is an important part of their end of life journey.

You may be supporting others as well as your sick loved one.

You may be feeling tired, stressed, feeling alone, unable to adjust to the changes for your loved one and the changes you are making for yourself. This can be overwhelming. It is an emotional time and reactions are understandable and normal under the circumstances.

You should know that you are not alone and that there is support and information to help you get through.

Being able to honour the wishes of your loved one by being cared for at home or in their place of choice is important. Sustaining these choices can require considerable effort from yourself and the support you receive from others can go a long way to achieving these wishes.

Help & Support is available to you through:

  • A face to face visit and assessment from the Kaitiaki Nurse
  • A discussion of your ‘support needs’ to devise a plan to set out how your needs will be met.
  • Identify ‘what matters to you’
  • Identify what support will be most helpful.
  • Encourage using your own networks such as whanau, cultural, social groups and voluntary services as well as developing new ones and linking to supportive community services/resources of choice.
  • Support in addressing Wairua/Spiritual / Cultural needs.
  • Monitor and follow up visits and contacts
  • Advocate on your behalf and instruction to mobilise the support you identify.


Te Warati Ututaonga-Pawa
Kaitiaki Network Facilitator  (NZRN)
Mobile: 021 921 873
Email: tewaratiu@tttpho.co.nz