Patient Online Health Portal

What is a patient online health portal?

A patient online health portal allows you access to your personal health information from any internet device at anytime, anywhere in the world.

You will need to be registered with a general practice to access this service.
There are two patient online health portals available, if you are:
registered with Hokianga Health Services Trust, they use Health365™ otherwise the other general practices use ManageMyHealth™. 
Check with your general practice staff first.

The patient online health portal is a secure website that receives an individual’s personal health information uploaded from their general practitioner, or health practitioner’s, practice management system. It can also be used to store other health-related information which may not be recorded, such as other treatments you have received, or other medications that you may be taking.

Key Benefits

Some of the benefits of registering will give you:

    • The freedom to manage your health needs – and that of your family anytime, anywhere
    • Book online non-urgent appointments, with secure messaging
    • Access to your medical records – view medical conditions, lab results, immunisation records, allergies, prescriptions
    • Stay on track with health reminders
    • Gives you an active role through communication and access to your own health information in decisions relating to your health and wellbeing
    • Peace of mind if you require emergency medical assistance, important medical information is accessible to emergency providers


If you are interested and want to know more, talk to your general medical practice staff on how to register and access the online portal.

You can find out more:
ManageMyHealth™ here
Health365™ here