What we do

Primary Health Organisations (PHOs) work with primary health care providers in local communities to support the delivery of health services to meet the needs of their enrolled populations. The aim of PHOs is to ensure:

  • A greater emphasis on population health, health promotion, preventative care and community involvement
  • Involvement of a range of health professionals, with multi-disciplinary approaches to decision making
  • Improvements in accessibility, affordability and appropriateness of services
  • Improvements in co-ordination and continuity of care
    the provision and funding of services according to the population’s needs

PHOs aim to make primary (non-hospital) health care:

  • More affordable
  • More accessible
  • Better suited to the needs of enrolled members and their family or whānau.

As well as providing treatment services, PHOs aim to help people to stay well and to give communities more say in the types of services that are provided. People enrolled in PHOs are eligible for lower cost visits to the doctor and lower standard prescription charges.

Benefits of enrolling in a PHO:

  • You will be eligible for reduced family doctor costs, free doctor visits for children under six, and reduced prescription charges
  • You will have better information about managing your lifestyle to prevent disease if necessary, you will have access to special health services to help you better manage chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease
  • Your primary provider will get to know you and your specific health issues, and can work with other health services to make sure that you and your family or whānau have access to the best possible health care.

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