Who are we?

Annual Report 2017-2018

There are two primary health organisations in Northland.

These are Te Tai Tokerau (mid and far north) and Manaia (Whangarei area) primary health organisations.

The two PHOs work very closely together in co-operation through many shared district wide projects (one PHO as the lead for the project).

Implemented strategies to help ‘turn the curve’ are:

  • The Northland IT Governance Group guides the development and implementation of a shared IT strategy
  • Funding contribution to the “Healthy Housing” initiative  has seen the retrofitting of over 4000 houses
  • The PHOs have implemented a leading primary mental health initiative for mild to moderate mental issues
  • B4 School checks have been provided to 80% of eligible (Northland children project led by Manaia PHO)
  • Primary Options” is working to support general practice reduce unnecessary hospitalisations
  • Smoking Cessation ABC project has provided a process that has offered brief advice and cessation support to smokers in our enrolled population
  • Improving Diabetes identification and management:
    Implementing a standard process for the collection and payment of Diabetes Care Improvement Programme that includes decision support
  • Providing feedback to practices, PHOs, the local Diabetes Team  and District Health Board on progress against clinical targets and volumes
  • Practice tools to identify patients with clinical factors that need attention both from an audit process and on presentation
  • Mentoring project
  • Workforce strategies

The key principles of working together are:

  • Support and collaboration
  • Sharing of resources (cost efficiency – improved effectiveness)
  • Commitment to Northland; restricted to Te Tai Tokerau and Manaia PHOs only
  • Consensus (acting with integrity towards each other)
  • Concept of lead PHO
  • Retain, preserve, but also maximise collective intellectual property of its members
  • Preserve autonomy of each PHO, freedom for any PHO to opt out of any shared services

PHO Capitation & Registration Management

Key aspects of this service include but are not limited to:

  • Manage calculations for capitation payments and FFS breakdowns each month of each quarter
  • Support services to PHO accountants and accounts personnel
  • Support technical issues with the ‘Diabetes Get Checked‘ programme
  • Technical support and roll out of  the ‘CarePlus‘ software
  • Capitation and FFS enquiries from member medical practices for each of the PHOs
  • Providing technical support and training for general practice personnel
  • Providing data for meeting mandatory requirements relating to data management for each PHO to the Ministry of Health and its agencies, eg Service Utilisation Reports
  • Providing technical support for PHO projects and some rudimentary support for various software vendors and data transport agencies such as ‘HealthLink‘ where it directly relates to  the PHO business
  • Assisting Northland District Health Board with patient practice affiliation support and information eg National Immunisation Register
  • Meeting Northland District Health Board contractual requirements for provision of in-date practice and provider lists and practice fee schedules
  • Compiling trend analysis and other data type reports for the PHOs

A number of regional projects have also  been undertaken with a lead PHO acting on behalf of both organisations.